About Kyle Petrozza

I was born and raised between the suburbs and beaches of Southern New Jersey. I've lived on remote islands, as part of small communities and within large cities around the world since then.

Sometime in the early aughts, while crisscrossing the country's network of rails, I decided I'd like to become a photographer. So, I did. Kind of.

With no formal education and having cut my teeth in New Orleans, I soon found myself well-established as a first assistant, digital tech, and production coordinator in New York. Through those roles, I was fortunate to have helped talented artists create imagery for brands and projects both global and personal. Though, I made little work of my own. So it goes.  

 In 2016, I left New York City with few regrets. I relocated to a farm in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains to tend cattle and chickens, pigs and ducks, and eventually, my own creativity. 

I still have the good fortune to work alongside extremely talented photographers and creatives on jobs both local and afar while continuing to work on my own work.

I am available to collaborate on and create imagery for your project; to tech for you, to keep your client happy, and your files safe; to produce a smooth, fun, under-budget experience for all involved. I work here in Virginia, as a local in NYC, and wherever else you'd like me to go.